Mobile Device Accessibility

The first feature of our sales field app allows users to view record activities, edit record details, and log calls from mobile devices. This feature enables mobility and flexibility by providing access to the system from any device, allowing users to update and log activities on the go.

User Interface and User Experience

The second feature, a seamless UI/UX, refers to the design and experience of the app. The Sales Field app is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, providing a smooth and enjoyable user experience. Additionally, the sales management solution has blazingly fast performance on mobile devices, ensuring a quick response time.

Task Management

The third feature is a task management system allowing field reps to view their daily tasks on the app's home screen and plan accordingly. This feature enables users to stay on top of their tasks, ensuring they can complete them on time.

Quote Management

The fourth feature allows field reps to instantly take new quotes from customers on the field. This feature streamlines the quote management process, making it easier for field reps to generate new quotes and close deals.

Customer Management

The fifth feature provides easy access to the list of prospects and customers from a dedicated list in the app. This feature allows field reps to view customer information easily and quickly, ensuring they have the necessary information to provide excellent customer service.

Location Management

The sixth feature allows field reps to easily locate and pin customer locations using a built-in location map. This feature streamlines the process of finding customer locations, saving time and effort for field reps.

Multi-Language Support

The seventh feature is multi-language support, which enables users to access the app in their preferred language. This feature ensures the app is accessible to users from different regions and backgrounds.

Modern UI/UX

The eighth feature is a modern UI/UX, which refers to the app's design and experience. The app is designed with a modern look and feel, providing an updated user experience. This feature ensures that the app is up to date with current design trends and provides a consistent experience across devices.